First post!

I’m not going to do that whole introductory thing. No, I’m far too lazy for that, and it ain’t my style, so I’m plopping you straight in the middle of what is me. At the moment, I’m a phero-junkie. Tomorrow night I am placing a 150-dollar Androtics order. I’m buying EST, TAH and another vial of MX135.

I already have something of an arsenal, boasting the following:

MX135. This is my favorite, in tandem with IH (below). It tends to make me a bit giggly, but it thrusts me out of my shell without me even realizing it, and I like that.

Instant Honesty. It’s like a truth serum, and I swear by it. I wear it now because it’s elicited affectionate responses from a few close friends in the recent past, but good lord, the feeling of intimacy it evokes is mindblowing. Second favorite product.

MX136, MX137, MX138, MX139. Haven’t tried them yet. I will when I get around to it. ^_~

MX140. I like it, but I should up the dosage, I think. It improves on my mood but I’m not getting what the others at the pherotalk forums are getting.

TAH. I noticed a subtle change in the way people respond to me, and it was definitely worth looking into – only it smells like rotten bananas because I ordered the unscented version, and I had to use 17 sprays to get to the reccomended dosage. Blech. A 10mcg version is in tomorrow’s order as well.

Instant Shine. I bought a vial of this, and it didn’t affect me at all, which made me very disappointed… however, it sure as hell affected everyone else. Everyone I was with was smiley and shiny, which is what the product was supposed to do for ME!

Essence of Woman. Dear lord, I don’t think I will ever be without this, but I have yet to see what it can really do… *wink wink* It’s pure copulins. You look that up on pherotalk yourself, baby.

EST. It’s short for some huge long name I have no hope of knowing how to spell, let alone pronounce, and I’m rather good at spelling. A reputable woman on the forums said it was a “cuddly” phero to the max, and we all now how cuddly I am (well. you don’t know yet, since this is my first post, darlings.) so I had to place an order. I splurged. 90 bucks a bottle, but I’ll send it back if it doesn’t work out. Androtics gives refunds!

I admit I got this wordpress largely to document my various obsessions as I come across them, and thus I must also admit that I’m currently enthralled by these pheromones and have been experimenting on my friends. A few of them knew about Instant Shine, but only my cousin Fawn knows about the others. Oh, and you now. Grats!

I’ll link to my posts on the forums for a sec, so I don’t have to retype my most notable recent experiences with the stuffs:

MX135 Rant

IH and IS Rant

Yeah. I was a skeptic when I bought my first package, IH and IS, but darlings, I was sold after wearing them out a few nights.

My most recent experience, which I haven’t detailed on the forums, is with said Punk, better known as Tom. I censor his name on the forums. Dear god, I don’t want my mates to find out I’ve been testing my pheroes on them! ^^;;

He invited me over on Sunday so that he and I could watch V for Vendetta. I’d never seen it before, and he thought it blasphemy, so I ventured over to watch it. Drew (who moved in with him about a week ago after being kicked out of his own house) was out with his girlfriend, so it was Tom and I alone. I wore MX135 out to a family dinner at about 2 o’clock on this Sunday, and right before I went to Tom’s, I figured… why not meddle with things? Three drops of Essence of Woman (ho ho!) and a few sprays of Instant Honesty with another spray of MX135 for good measure.

I got to his place about six, fifteen minutes after I’d applied all the new pheroes, and he welcomed me with open arms as he usually does. We ended up watching V in his room, lights off, lying on his bed because there was nowhere else to go. Given the EoW I was wearing, I would have expected things to turn primal, but we cuddled. A lot. He was very nice about it, but very confident; he didn’t hesitate to make any of his moves, which came off to me as very smooth, and charming. He did everything like he knew I wouldn’t have a problem with it, a slightly dominant overtone that, well, I adore. It might be hard for me to explain, but I’ll attempt again, with examples this time!

We lie down the first time, on his twin bed seeing as he removed the chairs from his room so Drew could have space to sleep. He puts his head on my shoulder for a little while, but I shift, and put my head on his. He leans his head on mine, strokes my hair once or twice. Randomly he whispers to me, “Cigarette break?”

I follow him down into his basement, where he smokes. Once he’s done with his cigarette, we return to his room, and as the both of us are lying down again, he wraps both arms around me. The thing that gets to me is he didn’t look at me with that “Is this okay?” glint in his eye, he didn’t ask, he just did it, and it was done in a way that wasn’t sexual or anything. Romantic, definitely. Not sexual. Charming.

As the movie progresses, my head is on his chest, and he strokes my hair a little. But instead of stopping at my shoulder, he continues down to my elbow, and holds it for a minute. Whenever I nuzzle against him, even if I’m just adjusting myself so I’m more comfortable, he does this. Whenever he shifts, he puts his free hand – the arm that’s not around me, on my side-slash-back – on his chest, next to my arm, and always makes sure to brush it with the tips of his fingers.

When the movie is over, he turns onto his side and wraps both his arms around me again. He puts his leg over mine a little, and I curl up against him, because dear god, I am the cuddliest person alive. He turns on his TV and comments that Office Space is on, and I say I’ve never seen it. It’s odd, because everything he says is whispered to me, gently, and I whisper back; even when we laugh it’s hushed and strangely intimate. It was one hell of an experience and I think the pheroes had a lot to do with it. I’m buying EST and heading back over there soon for a showing of “Science of Sleep”. I don’t think Drew will be around for that either.


I’m placing the order tomorrow, so with luck I’ll get it before my birthday on Friday. I’ll be back with my results.


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