No reason to, eh?

Brea: i have a fear of rejection
Myself: so do I xD
Brea: you have no reason to


Happy V-Day!

Tom has been wanting to pick me up all day today, but the roads have been terrible. We got hit by a lovely nor’easter and cars are sliding all over the roads. I hope there’ll be no school tomorrow though… I haven’t done any of my art projects. x3

I was feeding the kittens and sliced my finger open on the can. It bled for two and a half hours straight. (And I’m giving blood on Tuesday. Oi vey…) I drove off to the emergency room only to find that I didn’t need stitches after waiting for about another hour and a half. I did, however, find myself due for a tetanus shot. I fucking hate needles. *shudder* Maybe it’s not such a good idea for me to give blood…

I wasn’t wearing anything underneath my hoodie and I’m a pussy so I had to worm my arm out of the collar. It ripped just past the end of my bra. Convenient, no? Karma’s a perv.

I came home and found Tom had left me an IM. “Just leaving you something to come back to. Hope the stitches don’t hurt.” I thought it was sweet. He asked me to be his valentine a few seconds later, and I had to “aww” at that as well. The kid’s a darling.

I find myself nearing the end of Valentine’s Day ’07 with a split up finger, three valentines (though only one of them officially asked me ^_~), a hospital bracelet far too tight on my wrist, a ripped hoodie and a tetanus shot.



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