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More praise for MX135!

Experimenting more and more with my pheromone arsenal. I have more To-Go sizes than full sizes, but whatever – full sizes are bloody expensive. If there was a full-size option for MX135, however… hmm…

In any case, the whole school is under CAPT testing, which means I – and the entire junior and senior classes – would, theoretically, get to sleep in. For two and a half hours. But Witek, AP art instructor, has advised me that I am to come in on time. So here I am, on time. But not drawing. No art comes from these fingertips at 7:30 in the morning.

For the past three days, I’ve been conducting a sort of experiment… without really realizing it. I found out MX135 comes in chocolatini scent, and originally I despised it – I thought it was too strong, and it takes about ten to twenty minutes to die down. For anyone else, this isn’t a long time, but for Jessmo, who is always on the move and sprays her pheros on while she’s on her way to or from all the ridiculous places she goes, it is a bit of a concern. I don’t like people telling me I smell strongly, which is why I have avoided perfume itself for all these years, with the exception of Victoria’s Secret’s Sexy For Her, which no one has ever complained about (except my father, who complains about everything and thus doesn’t count).

I remember wearing MX135 a while back, maybe a couple months ago. I thought it was coconut scented at the time. That’s the note my nose picked up, anyway. Three or four sprays, and dear god did I smell like a chocolate-coconut-whorehouse, at least in my opinion. It was so strong I smelled the stuff every time I turned my head. That was back when I sprayed it to the neck and wrists. I walked into a library-type area and instantly a boy who speaks very broken english, a transfer student from Peru, says, “Hey Jess. You smell so good!” and gives me a hug. I didn’t think much of it, and sat down across the table from him, but every minute or so he would interrupt whatever conversation was taking place to tell me how great I apparently smelled. Same boy said this to me in an english class several days later when I, once again, had just spritzed on some MX135.

On Tuesday night, before Brandon (close friend of mine) left to visit his brother somewhere in Texas, I figured I might as well call him up and do something with him as a seeing-him-off kind of gesture. As soon as he picked me up, with his sister’s boyfriend and friend in the backseat, said sister’s boyfriend (Patrick) blurts out, “What are you wearing?!” I was nervous, because I thought he was going to tell me I smelled bad and/or strongly, since I had just sprayed MX135 into my hair about four or five times, but he said “It smells really nice. What is it?” Of course, I lied through my teeth and told him it was lotion, and that I don’t wear perfume. Best thing I could think of to cover my ass on the spot, but he said a few more times during the car ride that he really liked it, and proceeded to flirt with me throughout the night.

Example time!

Brandon/myself dropped him and his friend off at a pool hall and picked up Nick, another close friend of ours. We went to Walmart, and as a memorable experience and successful attempt to make Brandon laugh, bought condoms, bean dip and hot wheels cars. (Yes, the cashier gave us the strangest look I think I have ever received.) Upon going back to the pool hall to see what Patrick and company were up to, Patrick said “So Brandon tells me you have a smoke-smelling fetish.” Of course, what Brandon actually said was that I like the smell of cigarette smoke, but Patrick lit a cigarette. I had mentioned earlier, in the car, that my boyfriend smokes the same kind of cigarettes as he does, so I thought that was a little odd. He went on to say, “If she didn’t have a boyfriend, she’d be all over us, man.” And every time I looked in his direction, he was smiling at me, always looking at me. It was odd, to say the least.

That’s the joy of pheromones for ya though. xD

On the car ride home, Patrick said, once again, that I smelled nice, and kept playing with my seat so it would fall down against him (he was sitting behind me). I contemplated pushing back really fast and hitting him hard where the sun don’t shine, but y’know, I’m nice, so I abstained. 😛

Tom had his nose in my hair all day yesterday, where I put another four sprays of MX135. He was trying to be real covert about it, kissing me on the top of my head (sprayed twice where devil horns would be, the other two times to the body of my hair) or leaning his head on my shoulder. I was about to push him off me, actually, because we were in public, once again in a library setting, and talking to the people across the table from us! But when I finally realized what was going on, it was because I heard him inhale pretty deeply before kissing my head.

Taken aback, and a little weirded out – I forgot I was wearing anything – I said “…did you just SNIFF me?” Of course, he responded, in true Sagittarius style, “Why yes, yes I did. You smell really good.” Honest and blunt indeed. Prettymuch had to pry ‘im off me.

Oh, worth mentioning – I wore two sprays of MX138 yesterday too, one to the face and one to the throat. I did this on Tuesday as well. All the liquid sunshine mixes seem to cause Tom’s hands to wander, so I don’t know if THAT has a factor in why he was all over me (I thought I looked absolutely disgusting yesterday, too)… today I’m wearing five or six sprays MX135 straight, only one of which to the neck, and I feel absolutely hideously bloated, so we’ll see if it was the MX135 after all when he comes to see me in a few hours. Thank you, by the way, Miss Menstrual Cycle, for this lovely bloated feeling. And thank you, O mighty throat of mine, for refusing to open for pills that I could take to ELIMINATE this bloated feeling. I do love myself ever so much.  😀

For those interested (which there probably aren’t a lot of you, if any) I gave myself a phero-MEGADOSE before going to see my Thomas last weekend. I intended on spending the night, so I loaded on the following…

5 sprays Spaceland to hair
4 sprays IS/A to hair/neck
4 sprays Instant Honesty to hair
1/3 of one EDGE gel packet to cleavage/wrists
5 drops EoW to neck/wrists.

I also did a ritual with my Caliph’s Beloved and White Light oils from TwilightAlchemyLab (which is fantastic and also highly recced, btw, but that’s a different story). I ended up slathering on a few more drops of EoW before leaving the house, and here’s what I reported on the pherotalk forums:

“I was a little nervous at first, because my punk is very affectionate, and he was across the room for the first half an hour or so! We were also in the process of making plans to go out to dinner. I asked him, innocently, to bring something over to me… Needless to say, we had to cancel said dinner plans.

Later on, he got up to check something out online while I stayed in bed to watch a movie. The same friends who attempted to make dinner plans had neglected to go out without us, so they brought up laser tag. Tom said he’d ask if I was up for it, came over to ask me, and once again, we had to cancel. It took quite a bit of insisting on my part to get him to even go back to the phone and TELL them we weren’t going to make it…”

Tom said to me, at one point, “Twice in one day? That’s a record.” Granted, it was our first time together, so anything at all was a record for us, but apparently he was stuck on the face that we’d gone at it twice in a couple hours. 😛

Here’s the next update I posted:

“I was thinking, just a moment ago, about reactions I might have seen in OTHER people, but the only other person around was his roommate. At about two in the morning, I sat up in bed and asked where said roommate was – I hadn’t seen him all night and was getting a bit concerned since he shares a room with my punk on the weekends. I was told not to worry about it, so I complied, and we fell asleep. I woke up early in the morning, though, and ventured down to the kitchen for something to drink. I find the roommate asleep on the couch in the parlor. Upon returning to the bedroom, I wake up my punk and ask him what’s going on. His response was rather shocking. Apparently, after our plans “fell through” TWICE last night, he gave his roommate a call and told him to sleep on the couch! Of course, probing further, I ask why, and I am met with round three of megadose-induced heaven.

Indeed. I woke him up the next morning for more. Thanks, Caliph’s Beloved! *grin*

He’s taking me out to dinner on Friday, sushi, which I’ve never had. He’s paying. Dear lord, an actual DATE? I posted on the pherotalk forums asking what they suggest I wear. Something romantic as opposed to raw sexuality would be nice, but coincidentally all the stuff I have is either “FUN!” or “SEX!” with a little IH thrown in for good measure. Oh well. Those ladies know what they’re doing, and I’m sure we’ll come to an agreement before tomorrow night.

I might spending the night with Tom tomorrow as well, but since my darling period is present, I might as well load on the fun!pheros. I mean, it’s incredibly light today (not that any of you want to hear about it) so I’m hoping (praying) it’ll be completely gone by tomorrow night.

We’ll see.

Cross your fingers for me!