Hair, hair…

So, the amazing reddish-purple is fading out of my hair. I dyed it back in January at some point, if I remember correctly… maybe early February, and I fell fast in love with the results. You can see the dye job halfway done if you look at my avatar, but the picture doesn’t do it justice -when first dyed, over my naturally sable-ish hair, it was this bright, eye-catching, DIHL-inducing fuchsia. It was supposed to be purple, but came out more red on my hair, which is fine with me, really, because I don’t like the bluish purples that are out there.

I was thinking I’d go Blood Red (Special Effects hair color), because I checked’s gallery of the stuff, and if I chose to lighten my hair I wouldn’t need to do it too much to get the color to show up. It’s a gorgeous color, really, and I adore the pictures of it, but there’s another part of me that’s nagging and simply won’t shut up, going on and on about how I ought to do something completely out of my comfort zone, like bleaching my whole head and going straight purple…

I really like the Blue-Haired Freak color, but blue tends to go green on yellowy-bleached hair, and when I bleached the front half of my head three years ago, it was definitely yellow. BTW, when I bleached then, it was for a dark purple, a crappy brand that bled right out and was gone in a month. I STILL have some golden tips in the front, where the bleached hair hasn’t quite grown out yet. This is why I’m iffy about going all out and doing my whole head. I might consider LIGHTENING my hair a tiny bit, to better house whatever I choose, but that’s about it, I think… hmm…


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