Been a while since a phero-update.

Music: “All The World Is Green” -Tom Waits

Trying to think of what I’ve worn recently… hmm…

I’ve been testing out MX134, but I left school early both days, before I could really gauge my results. MX134 is being touted as the women’s version of A314, which is to say a pheromone that merits respect and gives you a professional, in-control aura. There have been rave reviews of it on the forums recently, so I figured I would try it out, since I happen to have a little bottle of it.

6-7 sprays later, I smelled kind of like pizza sauce due to the copulins present. I wandered off to class where a female friend proceeded to assault me and tell me that Tom dropping out was my fault. While this bothered me for the entire class period, I managed to effectively shut her up. And I phrase it that way because that’s exactly what I did – she claimed she wasn’t talking to me anymore, said that it was my fault, yadda yadda, and the minute I said something in response (once I got over my initial state of bewilderment, because Tom is a big boy and can make his own decisions ;P) and she instantly sat down and said “I won’t argue with you. This is stupid.” She didn’t say a word to me for the rest of the day.

After this, I headed down to Matt’s car, and we drove around a while, getting pretty lost for a while. He talked a lot, comfortably, and I found myself not stressing about the silences like I normally do. I was also wearing about 90mcg TAH at the time, and he’s never had that reaction to TAH alone, which I’ve been wearing all the time recently.

I did, at some point in the recent weeks, discover that Tom ADORES TAH though. Whenever I wear it, he gives me that “hungry” look that I love so much. He’s very touchy, very suggestive, kind of lustful. I don’t know anyone else on the forums who has received such an overtly sexual reaction to TAH. From friends, TAH gets me a sort of “what-can-I-do-for-you” reaction, with everyone vying for my attention and doing what they can to make sure I’m pleased. It’s kind of royal treatment, but to a lesser extent.

My most notable recent experience with pheromones is detailed here: lots-eow-lots-tah-lots-hits-2964.html

I megadosed, which is to say I wore more than is considered entirely sane. 🙂

I’m pretty random here, my thoughts are going from topic to topic and I’m sure my writing reflects it. I’m tired, so I’ll cut this short.

Jessmo out. 😛


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  1. very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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