Monthly Archives: May 2007

I think it’s really annoying when people look at my screen. 🙂



Long story short, I skipped a bunch of classes and now I’m in danger of losing credit for maybe half of them. The mother found out because I dropped a piece of mail addressed to her from the school instead of *disposing of it* like I intended to. If I had kept that hidden, I would be in the clear. But no, it fell out of my coat.

The minute I walked in the door she launched into a screaming fit about how I’m grounded til the end of the year, this that and the other thing, etc etc unreasonable irrational things. I had to tell Brandon to leave the house because she was so insanely ridiculous. I explained to her what was going on in math and what was going on in school. She said she’s calling the guidance counselor to make sure I’m “on track.”

I went to the counselor a few minutes ago to give her the heads up and found that she was just about to call my mom and “fill her in” on what I’m doing. My history teacher overexaggerated and told her that I swore at him and walked out of the classroom, which essentially came out of his ass because what happened was he threw out my pass and told me to “Have fun.” So I did. I left and went to the nurse. Hooray.

So now two people that think I’m doing shitty in school are going to talk to each other, one of whom has the power to ground me for THE REST OF THE FUCKING SCHOOL YEAR. I go stir-crazy if I’m in the house for two straight days, let alone two fucking months. I will go crazy. I can’t do that. It can’t be done. I don’t know what I’ll do if she decides to hang that over my head.

She already grounded me for three weeks because I had Matt and Tom in the house while no one was there (oh my god, I know, terrible thing, that). They were taking apart my computer while I got some clothes together and went to sleep at Tom’s. My creepy neighbor was watching and alerted her to the fact that there were “BOYS IN THE HOUSE” so I was promptly told I’m a promiscuous whore and grounded.

I almost went crazy.

But two months?

For the love of all things holy, all deities and gods and goddesses and prophets and everything in between, I PLEAD: please do not let this happen to me. It may not seem like much but it truly, truly is. If I’m confined to my house without any mode of contact with the outside world (which is what HAPPENS when I’m grounded, no phone/computer and NO going out, no matter the reason) I will crack, and I will probably STOP concentrating on school. Negative actions taken against me always have negative REactions. I don’t respond to punishment for things when I already understand the consequences of what I’ve done.

I tried to talk to my mom about it, and I talked to the counselor, so hopefully (hope hope hopefully) I will come out of it unscathed. Really, cross your fingers and pray for me and anything you can think of, because if she goes through with the grounding, I don’t think I’m going to have the drive to finish high school.

If you take things away from me, I don’t learn anything. I just sink into an emo hole and sulk or bite back.

What I need is encouragement so I can do things right for myself this time.

Being stuck at home for the next two months is the last thing I need.