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Aquolina Pink Sugar Review

I’m very disappointed to announce that I didn’t really like Aquolina’s Pink Sugar.

Yes, yes. I’m prepared to deal with the rocks that will be pelted at me by the many Sephora fangirls, and maybe the men that seem to adore the smell on their women, but I feel like it could have been so much more than it is.

Let me explain.

Everything I’ve heard about Pink Sugar has been praise. I think I have heard two people mention a sort of “burnt” smell as it dies down, which I have not noticed at all, so I was expecting all the hype about the perfume to be true. It’s supposed to be… let me see now… the leaflet that came with the 1.7oz bottle (which goes for about 50 dollars, I’m told, but I snagged it off EBay for half that price) reads as follows:

Pink Sugar features an original combination of delicious, oriental fragrances. The amber color of the fragrance underlines the high quality of the natural product’s ingredients.

It goes on to this spiel:

I want a world that’s simpler, happier, more real: a world where dreams and emotions are tinged with pink. I want a world that’s enchanting, dynamic and light: a world where sweetness and joy bring a smile to my face. I want things that are more tempting, softer, sweeter: a world where fragrance and freshness excite my passion. I want a world that’s more innocent, full of hope and fantasy: a world where harmony and femininity are the essence of life. I want a perfume for my skin, my body, my soul. Aquolina Pink Sugar: I want a world that’s sweeter.

…I don’t know where to begin.

Yes, I would love a world that’s sweeter, particularly due to my sweet tooth. And I would love it if the world was so enchanting and light that its joy brought a smile to my face. Hell, usually it does. But it’s definitely not because of this perfume.

I know I sound a little critical here, like I hate the stuff, but I don’t. I just don’t take well to being disappointed, especially with a product that I had such high hopes for. It doesn’t sound like it can go wrong, does it? It just wasn’t what I wanted it to be. I love sweet things, truly I do, and never in my life have I had to say “Ugh, that’s too sweet”, but I feel like it’s about to come out at the smell of this stuff.

The day it arrives I give it a spray and a walkthrough, having heard it’s incredibly strong. Yes, it’s strong, for the first half an hour, maybe forty-five minutes. Then it almost completely disappears on my skin. All the notes listed sound delicious, but all I get is cotton candy, and a hint of something else that I can’t identify and really don’t care to. If men like this, power to them, but my man had better not expect me to wear this all the time. I love carnivals. I don’t want to smell like one.

Maybe it’s that I’m not a fan of cotton candy. Maybe it’s just my body chemistry eating up all the other notes that would have made this the godsend it is to other women across the globe. I don’t get “oriental” out of this, and as an amber-lover, I definitely don’t get that either. I think I might be getting some kind of floral, which smells really awkward when combined with such foody notes. That’s all I can figure.

Don’t get me wrong, I guess it’s nice. It’s not entirely terrible. After all, I’ve been wearing a spray or two of it since it came a week or two ago. Why? Because in very small doses, and long after the drydown, it’s less nose-assaulting. Granted, one has to be very close to you to smell it… maybe that’s what men like about it.

I’ve received one “You smell great” while wearing this, which is nothing compared to the rain of compliments other Pink Sugar poster girls always rave about. I wish I could agree.

I’ll recommend this to girls who like to fork over 50 bucks a bottle to smell like a carnival stall. Okay, okay, I’ll recommend this to girls who like to smell sweet. Girls who want a “sweeter world!” Just go light on it, for all our sakes. Hopefully it’ll react better on your skin than it did on mine.

Jessmo, out.